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La Cie des Rêves Lucides

Les Rêveurs Lucides


Visual artist, illustrator


Actor, director, choir director

The Past Rêveurs Lucides

The Compagnie des Rêves Lucides is very grateful towards the artists who collaborated with us.

We keep excellent memories of those who have highly contributed to enriching our artistic and cultural project. Once again, thank you so much:


- Sarah Layssac, L'Architecte des Rêves Lucides - 2015

- Sofia Atman, L'Architecte des Rêves Lucides - 2015

- François Lecomte, L'Architecte des Rêves Lucides - 2015

- Éva-Léa le Roux, L'Architecte des Rêves Lucides - 2015

- Flore Liaud, L'Architecte des Rêves Lucides - 2015

- Morgane Gander, L'Architecte des Rêves Lucides - 2015

- Guy-Loup Boisneau, L'Architecte des Rêves Lucides - 2015

- Clémentine Savine, La Dernière Corrida - 2017 and 2018

- Aline Boucraut, La Dernière Corrida - 2017 and 2018

He studies theatre during 8 years in Lisbon (EPTC), London (East 15) and Paris (Jacques Lecoq), where he develops writing and improvisation for devised theatre. In Brazil and Uruguay, he discovers the Theatre of the Oppressed. He is co-founder of the musical and satirical group Discontinued dell’Arte, which tours on the streets of Brighton, Lisbon and Madrid. Carlos was a founder of the group Les Affreux. In this moment, he works on his Ethnomusicology Masters' thesis on Cante. Carlos is the artistic director and the founding member of our company, as well as of the international Cante choir, the Rancho de Cantadores de Paris.

After having finished her diploma in Russian and English linguistics in Tomsk, in Siberia, she goes to Paris to try out as a visual artist. She takes the A.R.C.A.D.E.S. Classe Préparatoire, then goes on to take a degree in Visual Arts with the University of Paris I -  Panthéon-Sorbonne. She carries on taking several workshops, which allow her to explore new ways of expression, like performances, installations and digital art. Thanks to these, she gets interested in theatre and joins the founders of our company. Since then, Anna has developed the image of our website, made many photoshoots for our organization and has created all the visuals of all the posters and flyers of our projects until today.

"The Lucid Dreamers:

They sleep and dream like everybody else, but they have the absolute conscious of being in a dream. When a lucid dreamer sails the ocean of dreams, he decides the way the wind blows. We also call them Orinauts."

- L'Architecte des Rêves

(The Dream Maker)

He finds theatre as a teenager and collaborates with several professional companies in Languedoc-Roussillon. In 2003, Paris settles in Paris to follow his academic path in History and Geopolitics, as he always kept his job as a storyteller and lecturer in the Museum. He organizes many workshops for children (theme writing, hand-writing, visual arts...). As soon as he graduated, he decides to go back to his first passion: the performing arts. Xan is the artistic director of La Compagnie des Nuits Fraîches, he is a member of Les Affreux and is also one of the founding members of our company.


Director, actor, storyteller, author

    Les Rêveurs Lucides (Lucid Dreamers) are the members who contribute

actively to our non-profit organization.


Actress, storyteller, director

She arrives in France in 2011, after a professional experience next to immigrants and their organizations. In Paris, in parallel to a Master's degree in Humanitarian Action, she can finally make her dream come true and start focusing on her favourite art form: the intercultural theatre. At this turning point, she starts enjoying herself and exploring different disciplines, always craving for the mixed races. She is one of the founder members of the choir Rancho de Cantadores de Paris, and is the creator of the project for the children Les Griottes Voyageuses.

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