- In 2016, the group premiered in October, at Festival des Villes des Musiques du Monde (World Music Festival), whilst doing the first part of Kátia Guerreiro's concert (Fado). We became official under the name of "Cantadores de Paris" at the concert with Ricardo Ribeiro (Fado).


- In 2017,  the group co-produced and was the protagonist of the documentary-film « Les Chanteurs de Cante de l'Alentejo à Paris » (The Singers of Cante de l'Alentejo in Paris). This long-length film directed by Tiago Pereira explores the cultural appropriation of this singing style, typical from Alentejo, by international artists from Paris.


- In 2017, during our first trip to Alentejo, on April the 16th, when having an aperitif in A. do Pinto with the emblematic group Rancho de Cantadores de Aldeia Nova de São Bento, they baptized us “Rancho de Cantadores de Paris”.


- Since then, the group has given many concerts in Paris, Montreux, in the Pyrénées and many other towns in Île-de-France (Paris region).


- In order to safeguard this Portuguese polyphonic singing style, in June 2017, the Compagnie des Rêves Lucides created a Cante Alentejano school in Paris, the first being created outside of Portugal.


Coordination: Julia Alimasi.

Direction of the choir: Carlos Balbino.


For further questions and to apply, please visit our page about the Cante Alentejano school.


"Les Chanteurs de Cante de l'Alentejo à Paris", film



Alentejo, April 2017.

Drawings by Anna Turtsina.


La Cie des Rêves Lucides

Rancho (portugais) - group of Portuguese folk dance and music


Cantadores (portugais) - Cante Alentejano singers


Cante Alentejano - typical Portuguese polyphonic singing style from the region of Alentejano, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, on the 27th November 2014

Being the only ones in France to defend and share the beauty of Cante Alentejano, the Cantadores de Paris were formed in 2016 as an experimental project of our theatre company, the Compagnie des Rêves Lucides: every song was an invitation to sharing, travelling and discover the other artists through polyphonic singing. We are artists from different paths, ages, genders and nationalities: our current objective is to disclose Cante Alentejano, its strength and its values simply through its powerful sounds and melodies.

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