Children's shows

On top of the shows and workshops, the Compagnie des Rêves Lucides created a project dedicated to children's events:


                 - entertaining birthday parties/baptism/corporation parties/etc

                 - magic and puppet's shows

                 - magic workshops

                 - Role playing games

                 - and more themes...


This project is called Les Petits Singes (The Little Monkeys), and it was specially designed by our professional and plurilingual artists.


To know more and to contact us, visit the official website


La Cie des Rêves Lucides

To know more about our children's shows, visit the page on the plurilingual theatre show around the universe of tales: Les Griottes Voyageuses.

griottes photo 1 Amazing Birthday Magic Show_image2 LES PETITS SINGES NAME

How do we get to abuela's? Why is the moon a croissant?

The answer is in the stories suitcase, which makes us go around the World...

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