Les Griottes Voyageuses (Travelling Griots) are a project of plurilingual tales for the little ones with big ears, the curious eyes and hungry mouths for stories from all over the world, ready to taste the sounds of languages and songs which are blowing in the free winds of fantasy.


Not only a show, but rather an adventure that we will live together: each suitcase is a unique bag, like every single one of us.


We offer ready-made trips, where the audience shall be active: we wish to explore the world to treasure all differences, to find the similarities from all the depths of the oceans.


Since December 2015, the project of Les Griottes Voyageuses has been to the school, kindergarden, the organizations' rooms and to theatres, we have sung and dreamt in the four corners of the Earth.


Languages are a way of describing and discovering the world... and that goes for the tales, too: they make us travel, discover, taste other worlds.


One plurality of actors and actresses for the plurality of languages, to dream together of a colourful world and as tasty as... the griots!

Les Griottes Voyageuses

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La Cie des Rêves Lucides

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