This multicultural project is born as a contemporary theatre and traditional music ensemble. Thanks to the encounter and involvement of their international artists, our project keeps on growing and reaching out to other fields of the art. Inspired by their own differences, leading artists work to develop a disciplined and ambitious artistic research, whether through their physical theatre shows, tales, polyphonic singing concerts, public manifestations, or performances, or even through the workshops and internships we offer.


The Compagnie des Rêves Lucides (Company of Lucid Dreams) aims to simplify the co-relation between all art forms and psychosociology. Therefore, the shows we present are a result of deep anthropology studies, in order to open the doors to a new imaginative and fantastic onlook on the contemporary society.


In a practical level, each projet is oriented by their leader, who takes full responsibility from the conception, all the way to the organisation and production of their project.

“It is not the strongest

or the most intelligent who will survive,

but those who can best manage change.”


 Charles Darwin


La Cie des Rêves Lucides

A contemporary theatre company drifting away consciously



     - polyphonic singing

     - theatre

     - mask creation, puppets, magic, clowning and improvisation - children's shows

5 Lors de la deuxième création de L'Architec LA DERNIERE CORRIDA, photo par Anna Turtsina 3

     - L'Architecte des Rêves - (The Dream Maker) contemporary theatre show with Slavic polyphonic singing

     - La Dernière Corrida - (The Last Corrida) contemporary theatre show with Portuguese polyphonic singing

    - Les Griottes Voyageuses - (The Travelling Storytellers) multilingual theater show based on children's stories

Thanks to our training and professional experiences, we felt compelled to share our knowledge.


For those who wish to develop their artistic skills, we offer the following workshops:



     - Les Petits Singes - (The Little Monkeys) project dedicated to children's events and celebrations

Music Group

     - Rancho de Cantadores de Paris - first international Cante Alentejano choir,

Portuguese polyphonic singing

documentary Film

     - Les Chanteurs de Cante de l'Alentejo à Paris - (The Singers of Cante de l'Alentejo in Paris) co-producers and protagonists of the documentary film by Tiago Pereira

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